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1.) Baseball games will be 7 innings. No new inning to begin after two hours SPECIAL NOTE: Coaches who play on a field with a time restrain because of park rental, must tell the umpire and visiting coach of the time restraint before the game begins. Once the game begins, teams must make every effort to end the game within the restraint. Game results will not be decided by reverting back to the previous inning. If a new inning starts and the time expires, the inning will be continued and completed at another time if the out come of the game will affect the standings.
2.) Mercy Rule: 10 runs lead after 4 innings
3.) Pitching Distance: 54’
4.) Base Paths: 75’

5.) Sliding: A base runner must slide or avoid contact with a fielder in the immediate act of making a play on the base runner.

6.) Next inning starts when the third out occurs from previous inning.

7.) No metal cleats. Rubber cleats only.

8.) Both the designated hitter rule and the re-entry rule will be used in baseball. You may use pinch runners for pitchers and catchers. Unlimited Substitution. However, batters who are substituted are re-entered must always appear in the same batting order that they previously occupied in the batting lineup.

9.) Any player may come into a game, off the bench, to replace an injured player or player on the field. Try and use players who have not played first. If all players have played then any player may enter the game for the injured.

10.) A team that shows up to a game with only 8 players may play the game without forfeit or taking an out for the missing player. If the team has only 7 players that team may play the game without forfeiting, but will have to take an out. A team with only 6 players will have to forfeit the game if it shows up with 6 players.

11.) If the umpire does not show up for a game, the game will be made up with no pay due to the umpire.

12.) If a school forfeits a game at the last minute, and the official can not be notified and shows, the official will be paid from the forfeiting team’s Forfeit Fee Fund. The league treasurer will send a check directly to the umpire or the assingnor who will pay the umpire/ official for the missed game.
13.) The CIF bat requirement is waived. Official Little League bats may be used in the game.
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